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This is an universal document for all our high quality teleporters.

Features :

  • Multiple designs
  • Power management and quarantine locking
  • Low script count & easy update
  • High quality builds and effects
  • Group or Owner only mode
  • Configurable networks to make different tp groups
  • Teleport max of 5 persons
  • Sim wide instant teleport
  • Easy setup!

Content :

  • Teleporter
  • Info Notecard

How to set it up

To name a Teleporter

  • You just have to rename the object itslef by editing it.

To change the network

  • Like the name, you have to edit the description of the object.

The network name is case sensitive!

You can use 'Landmarks' in your teleporter destinations. To do so, open the 'Landmark' notecard in your teleporter, and add a line containing 3 informations like following :
'Name of the destination'|'Sim Name'|'X,Y,Z position' an exemple is usually already written in the notecard you got in your teleporter. To remove them from your destination list, you can delete the notecard or erase the whole notecard content.
If the notecard is missing you can create one, name it 'Landmark' and insert it into the TP.

As the Owner you can hold your click and access an advanced configuration panel.

In this Menu you will found the following options:

  • Upside* (only available for Teleporter Rings, allows to rez an upside rezzer for the effects.
  • C&Q (enables or disables Code 9 and Quarantine API)
  • Direct (enables or disables direct TP, removing the confirmation menu)
  • Access (gives 3 options : Public, Private (owner only) or Group (group only, same group as the object)
  • Lock (locks the teleporter)
  • Update (checks for an update)
  • Delete (deletes the teleporter properly)

Be aware that the Teleporter Rings HD are using mesh rings that cost 22LI per rings, taking over 100LI everytime they all rez, due to a LL bug they DO have land impact and may not appear if there's not enough free prim left.

Be aware that the Alteran Teleporters HD are using smaller TP Pads that supports only 3 persons and have smaller inside. So we do not reccommand mixing types with it otherwise you could be teleported outside of the tp room and/or be stuck.

Screenshots :

Prim Count : Max 40

Foot print : Max. 3x3

Vk Labs 2014.

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