Atlantis Gateroom 2.0

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Atlantis 2.0 was built by Vala Avro, inspired by SGA, Reyo Neutra's & Lex Mars' works.

Rez instructions : Simply rez the rezzer on the floor or in the air if you want to raiz the tower later. Then click it and select 'Rez' then 'Finish' when you're happy with its position

The build is modify enabled but you are not authorized to copy/sell the textures.

Features :

  • Easy rezzer from CasperTech
  • Perfect for roleplays
  • Detailed build
  • Amazing
  • Fully scripted lights
  • Fully furnished with desks, chairs, and more.

Content :

  • Gateroom build rezzer (contains Gateroom, Control Room, Doors...
  • EHLO 3.0 System

Screenshots :

Video :

Prim Count : N/A!

Placing your Stargate :
You have to edit your gate and expand it a bit to fit in the drawing on the floor. The ASN gates are too small to respect the TV show scales.

Additional Effects for the Stargate :
In the package you will also find the EHLO 3.0, which allows you to add light emissions at the gate to simulate a better event horizon light. You only have to place it near the gate and then select your stargate network. It uses light projections, for seeing it correctly you need a mesh-enabled viewer and your graphic settings to the max.


Vk Labs 2013.

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