The Icarus Base 2.0

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Icarus 2.0 was built by the talented Benjamin Balan and supervised by myself (Vala Avro).

Rez instructions : You can rez the package (SGU Icarus Base 2.0) directly on the floor and use it as a rezzer, a menu will pop-up asking to rez it. OR You can place the package into an Holodeck from Novateck and use it as a Horizon Scene.

The build is modify enabled but you are not authorized to copy the textures.

Features :

  • Horizon Scene Compatible
  • Perfect for roleplays
  • Heavy meshed parts to reduce prims counts.
  • Amazing Effects over the gate while working.
  • Fully scripted lights that you can turn off & on with emergency lights
  • Fully scripted elevator
  • Detailed corridors
  • Fully furnished with desks, chairs, picture frames, and more.

Content :

  • Icarus Base
  • Icarus Panic Button
  • 2 Free Bonus Flags
  • EHLO 3.0 System

Screenshots :

Video :

Prim Count : 1570!

Placing your Stargate :
You can notice at first rez a Green ring at the Stargate position, delete it and place there your gate. It is essentially there to tell you how much your gate should be rescaled.
YES you have to edit your gate and expand it a bit to fit in the ramp correctly. The ASN gates are too small to respect the TV show scales.

Additional Effects for the Stargate :
In the package you will also find the EHLO 3.0, which allows you to add light emissions at the gate to simulate a better event horizon light. You only have to place it near the gate and then select your stargate network. It uses light projections, for seeing it correctly you need a mesh-enabled viewer and your graphic settings to the max.
There's also effects that are rezzed by default near the gate (small electrical arcs) you can disabled them by saying on the channel 7367 "switch off" or "switch on" to enable it again.


Vk Labs 2013.

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