Stargate All in One Server

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This is an universal document for all AIO GDO and the Server

Features :

  • IDC codes and GDOs: Allows you to filter who's travelling trough your gate.
  • Most Advanced Automated IDC functions never seen before!
  • Electro Magnetic Pulse or EMP: Allows to force the gate to stay open for 38 minutes.
  • Voices that reacts to SG status (like Srgt Walter)
  • Incoming Messages: Allows you to set a welcoming message to send by radio when an incoming wormhole connects
  • Remote control: Allows you to contrrol your gate trought the wormhole with GDOs menu.
  • Anti-death: Allows to prevent getting killed by the gate by raising its shield before the kawoosh strikes.
  • Anti-autodialer: Allows to prevent stargate abuse by disabling yours (offline) after too many identical incomings.
  • Full system logs and gate logs
  • Basic Gate controls
  • Low script and low prim
  • Easy setup!

Content of Server Pack :

  • AIO Server
  • 1x SGC GDO
  • Info Notecard

Content of GDO Pack :

  • 1x GDO
  • Info Notecard


Details of Server's main Menu
  • Incoming Message switch
  • Anti-Death switch
  • IDC switch
  • Remote Control switch
  • EMP switch
  • Infos
    • Memory
    • GetTime
    • History
    • Lists
  • Gate Control
    • Shield switch
    • Incoming Test
    • Outgoing Test
  • Settings
    • Audio
      • Voice switch
      • Change Voice (contains 4 different voices)
    • List Management (IDC Users, IDC Groups, Whitelist, Blacklist)
    • IDC Auto Sys (details bellow)
    • Incoming MSG
    • Blacklist Out (enables the blacklist over the outgoing wormholes)


For the Automated IDC settings.

In this Menu you will found the following options:

    • 1)Enable IDC only when the Owner is in the SIM
    • 2)Enable IDC only when the Owner is off the SIM
    • 3)Enable IDC only during a timezone
To help you define the time zone you can use the button 'GetTime' in the Infos menu. The system clock is set to 24H PST time format.
    • 4)Enable IDC only when the Owner is Offline
    • 5)Enable IDC onyl when the Owner is Online
    • 0)Disables the automation.
The system checks every 320 seconds the owner status or current time when one of these options are selected. You dont need to switch the IDC on manually at the Main menu when you have selected an option here, the system will turn itself on and off.
Details of GDO's main Menu
  • IDC Switch
  • Remote
    • Shutdown
    • Cut
    • Raise Shield
    • Lower Shield
  • Settings
  • Close
You can trigger the built-in menu by saying in the main chat "gdo menu" or trigger the built-in stargate radio by saying "radio on/off".The stargate radio only works within a range of 100m from the gate and to speak trough you just have to speak in the chat within the same range.

Screenshots and Links :


Prim Count : Server: 1 Land impact
Foot print : Server: 0.5x0.5

Vk Labs 2015.

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