Hey guys,

We just released a bunch of cool new stuff this month and finished the day by releasing an update, so I wanted to make a recap!

New products:

Stargate AIO Server (link)
AIO multiple GDO's (SGC, Asgard, Pip Boy and an all new Sonic Screwdriver!)
Teleporters 2.0 (link)
Teleporters Plateforms (link)

And we recently updated the AIO server, if you're looking for the changelog here it is : link

Make sure to check them all because I've worked hard for it and remember that some of your old products are eligible for an upgrade to the AIO server!

Love, Vala.

Hey guys,

You might wonder what's going on here in Vk Labs,
well, not much, we are still working but slower mainly because I am getting busy with the school coming soon back and well I was in vacantions before :)
I'm not forgetting you ! I still have many plans and ideas to realize but it's hard to manage everything.
I will be more relaying on Ben's help for the builds for now and we will be working on new builds and new brands in 2014

We are aware that the Stargate fandom and universe is slowly disappearing from SL, that's why we are planning on moving to something new or at least still in production in real world.
I will still update or at least make sure current "2.0" products are fully working as supposed before "ending" their production.

Part of the 1.0 product pre-2012 will be given open-source here on the web site and free in SL due to their out dated coding, but as they are still working they might be interresting for LSL studies or for few who'd like to edit it to make it into their own stuff. This is not inclueding builds or systems that were updated.

For the few that are following me since the beginning, thank you very much!
But don't dream, I'm not going to refund ya on old product that goes on the free shelf :P

I'd like to thanks as well all ASN developpers and admins who made this Stargate network the reason I came in SL when it was still merging from Arcturus Gates. Thanks also all my friends in SL who helped me out and in few times hosted me like a poor pet so I could build and test my stuff.

So, with all this said, I already wish you a great new 2014 year with an amazing new bunch of stuff!

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