Abydos 2.0

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Abydos 2.0 was built by myself, Vala Avro.

Rez instructions : Rez the package (Abydos 2.0 Rezzer) directly on the floor, a menu will pop-up asking to rez it.

The build is modify enabled but you are not authorized to copy/resell the textures.

Features :

  • High definition details and mesh
  • Perfect for roleplays
  • Fully scripted braziers that you can turn off & on with by touch or remotky
  • Detailed corridors
  • Complete exterrior with a Pyramid and temple look like.
  • Access door with config notecard
  • Sarcophagus 2.0 HD inclueded

Content :

  • Abydos Rezzer
  • Braziers control button
  • Vk Labs Landmark
  • EHLO 3.0 System

Screenshots :

Video :

Prim Count : 418!

Foot print : 108x96

Placing your Stargate :
You only have to place it between the two triangles on the floor up the gateroom stairs.
Resize not needed this time.


Vk Labs 2013.

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