Vk Primus Project

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Vk Primus Projet was launched and created by Vala Avro.

This project is cooperative, which means that any developpers can participate, update, create, help for it. By developping an app, a developper can earn 500L$ as a reward and sell it's application on he's side, a marketplace will be made later.

Features :

  • Highly customizable system
  • 30 text prims and texture prims
  • HD content
  • Web enabled applications (Google & Youtbue)
  • Drag and Drop HUD
  • In-world HUD with typing AO and notification sound
  • Full developper support (API, documentions, SL group...)

Content :

  • Vk Primus HUD
  • Vk Primus In-world model
  • Introduction Read-mes

First steps on how to DEV :

To build your App you can start from the Default one in the HUD.

Here is the important steps :

1. Name and create an icon for the drawer & dont forget to rename your script for it.
2. Use the complete API leaving a blank space anywhere would break the display.
3. Don't forget that you can't use rotations or prim transformation. It only has cubes.

To help you building your User Interface, you can go to settings and click on "Show All prims" it will bring out of the screen all Prims (text and imgs)
So you can edit them and move them, resize them as you want to make your UI easly.
Then you can use a small script to know prims size, and local pos :) I'm sure you'll find plenty ways to do it.

Read the API document for more details and more tips.

Docs moved here : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1mXycRjqz3CZWhKNzFOWnUweDQ&usp=sharing

Here are the planned application list :
-Lag meter
-Stargate DHD
-Stargate Control Room

Here are the applications that could be great to have :
-Twitter checker
-RSS reader
-Facebook status updates
-Hit logger

Well there's a lot of possibilities.

Screenshots :

Video :

Prim Count : 30~ but as a HUD it doesn't matter.


Vk Labs 2014.

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