Custom Door Script Kit V2 Mark3

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Script Features :

  • Easy Setup
  • Customisable functions and reactions
  • External control channel
  • Configurable by notecard
  • Keycard pluggin
  • BUILDER edition available

Content :

  • Door Core
  • Door Beacon
  • Door Beacon Advanced
  • Door Config notecard
  • Keycard pluggin & object (to be released)

How to setup / Tutorial:

First you need to build your door, make sure you name all the parts that needs to move the EXACT same way.
Optional: Have a (or some) button prim to trigger the door, name them as well all the same (but not the same name as your moving parts)
Then create a prim and link it last with your door parts to make it your "Root" prim.

To select your prims use CTRL + Left Click, to link them use CTRL+L
Linked prims appears blue when selected and root prim yellow. Like shown below.

Object exemple
Green : Root Prim (where core scripts will end)
Orange : Door/Moving parts
Blue : Button part

Once done with creating your object, its now time to put your scripts in but first you need to configure your config notecard.
So first of all, put your 'Config' notecard in the main prim (Root) and open it,
you will see all the parameters that can be configured for the door.
We will focus on the two first now:


These two defines the name of the object parts the script will be looking for as moving parts and as triggers.
Make sure you write here the same name you wrote for your objects earlier.

Once you've done and saved your changes, you can put your "Door CORE" script next to the notecard.

root content
Root content after putting the core script and after notecard load.

The script will then start loading the notecard and looking for the prims.
Then because its your first 'run' the script will go into Setup mode.

Each moving part with no configuration set will start to glow and ask for the "BEACON" script,
For this part you need to edit your object and enable "Edit linked parts" select the glowing object and put in it the beacon script.

linked parts
Here you can see the 'Edit Linked' button active in the building window

sub prim content
Content of the moving prim part

Once done, the main script will ask you to put that part at the position, rotation and size as it was in the CLOSED state of the door, when done putting it in place, click the part.
The script will now ask for the same but as the OPEN state of your part, once again, when you finished moving it click it.
You'll be done with that part.
The main script will ask to do the same steps for each and every moving parts he has found.

In the end, when all pieces has been configured the main script will reset and remove all beacon scripts.

>To slower or make faster the door animation you can change the param : DoorSteps
>To change the sounds check all 'Sounds' lines and use only Sounds UUID (keys)
>To make your door automatically close after opening you can use : AutoCloseTimer:(here put in seconds) 0 is disabled

Config Notecard details:

Here is the detail and explained lines of the Config notecard for advanced configuration.

ActivationKey: < This line is only for BUILDER edition, to activate the script with your activation key.
< This is where you write the object parts name that will move
< This is where you write your button parts name
< Number or fractions that are done for the animation (bigger is slower)
< Seconds that are waited between each fractions (lower is faster)
Accepted Sentence:Access Granted
< Sentence said when keycard access is granted
Accepted Sound:
< Sound for same above
Rejected Sentence:Access Denied
< Sentence said when access is denied
Rejected Sound:
< Sound for above
No Response Sentence:
< Same from above but in case of no response by the keycard
No Responce Sound:
< Same as above
Touch Sound:
< Sound to play when you touch the buttons
Open Door Sound:fad33df5-701d-96f0-e96e-06f467773b73
< Sound to play when the door opens
Close Door Sound:fad33df5-701d-96f0-e96e-06f467773b73
< Sound to play when the door closes
Locked Door Sound:
< Sound to play when the door is locked by Code9 or Quarantine Code
< Volume settings for your sound. Cannot be set to 0.0 to mute, write at least 0.05
< Make the door say or not the sentences above
< Developper option, likely useless for you
< Time in second before closing automaticly the door, 0 to disable it.
Power & Quarantine Reactive:Yes
< Enable support for Vk Labs API
Code 9 Reactive:Yes 
< Enable support for OS Labs Code9
Code9 End Open:Yes < Automaticly close the door in case of Code 9
Avatar Collision Open:Yes < Opens the door if an avatar collides with the whole object (no exception)
Person List:
< You can write here a list of avatar name seperated by commas to only allow them to use the door.
Group Keys:public
< This function is reserved for the use of Keycard, you have to write group UUID seperated by commas, only avatars wearing the keycards wit hthe right group tag will be able to use the door
Keycard Unlock:No
< Allows a keycard user to unlock a door in case of a Code9 or Quarantine lock down.
DoorLvL:0 <
Keycard will have different levels of access, so you can have different doors level in your build
ExtraChannel:0 <
Set this to a diffenrent number to use an external trigger (button) to control the door. Script API below.

Make sure you dont edit the settings name and write your parameters directly against the ':' to avoid any bug.

Internal Link API:

This simple API will allow script creator to add special effects when the door is working.
If you don't know what an API is or basic LSL coding, please don't mind this section.

Here is the script exemple to use the API:

    link_message(integer link,integer num,string str,key id)
                //doors start to open
                //door finished to open

These messages are sent to the whole link set

As you can see you have multiple messages to use to know the current state of the CORE script.
If needed we will update the system to add more outgoing messages.

External Control API:

In case you write something in your notecard line ExtraChannel: you will be able to create a button not linked from your door.

To activate the door you just need to send the user key.
Exemple : llSay(external channel you choose,"10926a74-d8a9-4dcd-946b-c9bc0e7772a1");

Exemple in a script, in touch_start() envent:: llSay(external channel you choose,(string)llDetectedKey(0));

The script will then respond on the same channel in a shout, "Opened" or "Closed" to let you know its status.

Screenshots of creations using the script:

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