Alteran Home Security 2.0

Thank you for your interest or for buying our product
Alteran Home Security 2.0 was built & scripted by myself, Vala Avro.

Features :

  • Light Alteran sculpture made of Sculpts
  • Perfect to protect your land with a stylish drone attack
  • Easy chat commands access list control
  • Easy Menu to control the power and settings

Content :

  • Alteran Home Security Model 1
  • Alteran Home Security Model 2
  • Vk Labs Landmark
  • Little read-me
  • Death caller boxed

Death Caller The death caller is needed to make it work, it must be owned by the land owner or deeded to the group who owns the land!

Chat commands for Access List

To add someone

  • /3 add|someone's name

To add few peoples in the same time

  • /3 add|example name,im annoob,...

To remove someone or more

  • /3 remove|example name,...

To list all the entries

  • /3 list

For each access commands you can use a comma (",") to add/remove multiple entries in the same time.

Screenshots :

Prim Count : 2!

Foot print : 2x2

Vk Labs 2013.

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