The Midway StarBase Mark3

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The build is modify enabled but you are not authorized to copy the textures.

You will need a mesh ready viewer to see this build. Make sure you are up to date.

Features :

  • Horizon Scene Compatible
  • Perfect for roleplays
  • Heavy meshed parts to reduce prims counts
  • Animated doors, lights and alarms
  • Special Midway Consoles and screens

Content :

  • Midway starbase rezzer
  • Bonus items

Commands :

In the channel 1 you can type the following command:

    To enable or disable the dial lock:
  • dial lock ie: /1 dial lock
  • This will prevent a Pegasus gate to dial to a Milkyway gate, simulating the needs of two stargate networks.

Primus Integration :

Since version 1.1 of the build, you can use the 'Midway' app available in the Primus HUD to control the hangar doors, power and gravity.

Screenshots :

Prim Count : 1200 land impact

Foot Print :60x40x30m

Vk Labs 2015.

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