SimWide BattleControl Radar or SWBC-R

Thanks for your interrest on this brand new product.

What's this product ?

Welcome to the next generation of 3Dimentional Radars for your Sim.
It can manage unlimited amounts of avatars but also of Objects and Stargates.

Who might be interrested in this ?

It comes handy for sim owners or parcel owners that likes to keep an eye on the sim activity.

Features :


  • Shows a sim preview over a squared area.
  • Shows current position, rotation and status of any avatar on the sim (Sit,Flying,AFK,Busy.Typing)
  • Shows current position, rotation & also status of any ASN Stargates on the sim (Dialing,Outgoing,Incoming).
  • Interractive menu depending on the clicked Pin.*
  • You can teleport to the avatars, stargates or objects. Or even beamup avatars via the menu.
  • You can kill, ban, eject, cage avatars.
  • You can give permissions to use the interractive menu to other people, but they cannot use it against other listed people.
  • You can easly make appear an object of your choice in the radar using the following script : "simwide.table.beam.lsl" in the package
  • You can remote dial the stargates.
  • You can also Delete remotly an object containing the "table.beam" script.
    It does delete the container.
    Or remove the script inside remotly.
  • Funny avatar representation (Android avatars)
  • Mortar Strike Attacks
  • You can change the size of the radar (from the settings) as well as the colors.



Screenshots :


What are the specifications of the system?

Size : 6.4x6.4x6.5
Script count & memory : 3 scripts on 96Kb consumed for 0.003724ms of cpu time.
The Main part, is built on prims only, using 3 scripts, only 1 remains necessary, the core, it keeps the nodes up-to-date.
The current 2 others are sub-tools that the user will need.

This radar does not use Nodes to scan the sim.
*The "Pin" are the most common object rezzed by the radar it represents avatars around the sim. There's other Pin types, one for Objects like the radar will have one and Stargates.
IMPORTANT : This products needs the 'Death Caller' to be rezzed and owned by the land owner to fully work. As an example you can't Eject, Kill or Ban without the Death Caller.The radar itself does not support yet rotation, its meant to be moved but not rotated.


Settings :

  • Colors : blue, orange, green and custom. For custom please write in the box in RGB code, for example : <1,0,0> which correspond to full red. (<Red, GReen, Blue>) You can set each amount between 1.0 to 0.0
  • Map Alpha : You set how much the map preview appears on the table.
  • Map Refresh : Is to refresh the map preview from the servers.
  • Top Height : You can set how high you want the top to be, wich will also increase or decrease how the full 4096m of a sim is shrinked.
  • XY Rate : Will allow you to change the rate that controls the scale of the radar. Here's the calcul : 256m / the rate = the size of the radar.
  • Group Check : Allows the pins (avatar representations) to become Red if the avatar has not the same active group as the radar.
  • Hide Top : Allows you to hide or show the top of the radar, it also disable the small floating text above it.

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