The Icarus Base 2.0 : Jumper Bay Addon

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Icarus 2.0 was built by the talented Benjamin Balan and supervised by myself (Vala Avro).

Features :

  • Openabled sized Jumper bay doors
  • High detailed furnitures

Screenshots :

Rez instructions :
You should have the Icarus base rezzed to follow these instructions, otherwise skip to the step n°5.

  • 1. Edit the light part of the Icarus gateroom ramp called "Icarus Lights Ramp part1"
  • 2. Copy it's position (use Firestorm Copy features or manually copy it)
  • 3. Rez the Jumper Bay rezzer
  • 4. Past the position you copied on it to match it's position with the build
  • 5. Click on the rezzer and select "rez"
  • 6. Let it rez the parts and check the position, if there's an error move the rezzer, the parts will follow.
  • 7. Click on the rezzer and select "finish" wichi will remove the rezzer script into the build.
  • 8. Move the elevator's second floor doors to match with the floor's opening.

You can also watch a video tutorial :

Content :

  • Icarus Addon Jumper Bay
Prim Count : 100!

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